Seattle Seahawks 23-17 San Francisco 49ers – as it happened!

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Richard Sherman is talking smack to Michael Crabtree in a post-game on-field interview:


Well I'm the best corner in the game. When you try me with a sorry receiver like Crabtree that's the result you're going to get. Don't you ever talk about me!

A perplexed FOX sideline reporter Erin Andrews:

Who was talking about you?


Crabtree. Don't you open your mouth about the best or I’m gonna shut it for you real quick.

Well that's the icing on the cake of a game that already had it's share of memorable moments. Seattle knock off the defending NFC champs in a game that they didn't look like winning in the first half. San Francisco did have their fair share of bad breaks via the refs, but this was an all-out war and a strong lead in to the Big Show on February 2nd at Metlife Stadium as the Super Bowl goes to New York and New Jersey for the first time. 

We'll have live coverage of the Denver Broncos and the and a whole lot more in the run up to Super Bowl XLVIII - until then, thanks for reading. 


49ers 17-23 Seahawks, Final

The Seattle Seahawks are champions of the NFC! They will play the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII!

49ers 17-23 Seahawks, 0:20, 4th quarter

There are personal fouls but it doesn't matter. With the ball on the Seattle nine, Wilson takes a knee as San Francisco call their second time out. 

The countdown is on!

INTERCEPTION! 49ers 17-23 Seahawks, 0:22, 4th quarter

Kaepernick to the corner of the end zone, looking for Crabtree - Sherman gets a hand up - he tips it away and it lands in the arms of Smith! Seahawks ball after the pick! This game is history! 

49ers 17-23 Seahawks, 0:30, 4th quarter

More from Kaepernick - over the middle to Vernon Davis - 11 yards this time, chunks of field being eaten up! To the Seahawks 18!


49ers 17-23 Seahawks, 0:55, 4th quarter

Kaepernick has Crabtree in the far sideline! It's a gain of 16! San Francisco are marching and are on the Seattle 29!

Time out SF. 

49ers 17-23 Seahawks, 1:04, 4th quarter

Kaepernick runs left for four - SF have all three timeouts by the way. 

He throws a laser to Boldin, short of the first down, gain of four - 3rd & 2. 

49ers 17-23 Seahawks, 2:00, 4th quarter

Apparently it wasn't the two-minute warning, so FOX comes back from commercial just in time to show us 4th & season - Kaepernick with everything on the line finds Gore!! 

Life for the 49ers! It's a gain of 17 and it brings them up to their own 47. 

Now it's time for two minute warning II. 

49ers 17-23 Seahawks, 2:00, 4th quarter

Wow! Crabtree was open but he knows that Kam Chancellor was there to lay him out and he says, thanks but no thanks, and it costs San Francisco a first down as we head to the two minute warning. The ball is on the San Francisco 30. 

Well, it's 4th & season....


49ers 17-23 Seahawks, 2:08, 4th quarter

James runs for no gain before Kaepernick finds Boldin running across the field - he's short of a first down - 3rd & 2. 



This is ridiculous…San Fran are getting creamed by the officials…


Bad calls by refs? (Against SF)

Oh yes. 

FIELD GOAL ! 49ers 17-23 Seahawks, 3:37, 4th quarter

Hauschka is true from 47 yards out and now the Seahawks have a six point lead. 

There's a lifetime of clock left for Kaepernick of course, but they need to get into the end zone to get the lead back. 

49ers 17-20 Seahawks, 3:40, 4th quarter

It's 2nd & 18 after an offensive pass interference penalty on Kearse. Lynch ahead for three yards, and it's 3rd & 15. 

Tate makes a catch, short of a first down but that puts them in FG territory to try and kick the one they should have earlier. 

Hunter Felt (@HunterFelt)

Call me crazy, but it's striking me that this 49ers/Seahawks game might be a tad more physical than Patriots/Broncos.

49ers 17-20 Seahawks, 5:10, 4th quarter

More crazy stuff - Tate makes a catch for a first down, but then looking for space, runs backwards, and is out of first down territory, before a spin move ultimately gives him the yardage. 

It's gets more bizarre by the minute. 

When the dust clears, Seattle are on the SF 27 and that clock is ticking. The Seahawks now call time on 2nd & 8. 

49ers 17-20 Seahawks, 7:05, 4th quarter

San Francisco keeps it tight and Seattle face a 3rd & 8 on the 38. 


TURNOVER! 49ers 17-20 Seahawks, 7:37, 4th quarter

The Seahawks have it right back - a terrible thrown by Kaepernick who is throwing to Boldin but it's well short - right at Chancellor!

That's two straight turnovers by San Francisco and Seattle have it on the Niners 40. 

No sign of this all calming down then. 

Steve Busfield (@Busfield)

Well, I think that was justice for the

Yeah, no kidding. 

What a wild sequence of events. 

With that kind of mojo against the Seahawks they should have kicked a field goal - no doubt. 

49ers 17-20 Seahawks, 8:29, 4th quarter

Well San Francisco should have the ball right now.

But you won't believe this....

Lynch muffs the hand off after Seattle elects to go for it on 4th and goal at the one-yard line! There's a scramble for the ball, and the Seahawks recover but the Niners take over on downs!

This is wild, as wild as it gets. But it's also justice as the Niners should have had the ball on the previous play - what a defensive stand! 

Why didn't they kick a field goal anyway? If makes it a TD lead. I know you always want more but come on?!


49ers 17-20 Seahawks, 8:54, 4th quarter

Why don't San Francisco have the ball?

Recovery of a fumble in the field of play is not reviewable apparently - that's a joke. 

Bowman is carted off - that is awful. 

49ers 17-20 Seahawks, 8:54, 4th quarter

It's complete but short of the end zone - did the ball come loose from the hands of Kearse? There's a big pile but it looks as if Seattle will maintain possession. 

They do. But it looks like LaVarro Bowman has the ball that came loose after he stripped it! Replays show Kearse clearly coughed it up - they also show why Bowman is hurt, very hurt. It's a gruesome knee injury...

This is a mess. 


49ers 17-20 Seahawks, 8:54, 4th quarter

Marshawn Lynch is somehow over 100 yards - aside from his big 40-yard dash, I have no idea where he got the other 64. 

A false start penalty back Seattle up to the 10, and then Wilson can't find Tate. It's 3rd and goal on the 10. 

TURNOVER! 49ers 17-20 Seahawks, 9:58, 4th quarter

Kaepernick is in trouble, he's running right but here comes Seattle pressure - Cliff Avril knocks it loose and Bennett has it! Seattle have the ball!

1st & goal on the six!

It doesn't get any bigger than that. San Francisco must make a stand!

49ers 17-20 Seahawks, 10:38, 4th quarter

Delay of game penalty - completely inexcusable - you must be kidding. Now it's 3rd & 6. 

49ers 17-20 Seahawks, 11:12, 4th quarter

Kaepernick is on the run again, to the far sideline to his left - an eight yard gain and it's yet another big 3rd down here - they need a yard. 

49ers 17-20 Seahawks, 11:50, 4th quarter

This is a huge 3rd & 5 play here for San Francisco.

Kaepernick in the shotgun - he drops back, runs right and FINDS BOLDIN! An enormous third down conversion there, throwing over the middle but across his body, always a tough play, and it's a nine yard gain up to the SF 25. That is biting the bullet right there. 


Suddenly the Seahawks are unstoppable on offense - and after a complete mess by Carroll and the field goal attempt that never was. They recover in a major way - that was an incredible throw across the middle to find Kearse. 

It's piling up on San Francisco now - a 10-yard penalty on the kickoff backs them up to their own 11 to start off this key drive. 

TOUCHDOWN! 49ers 17-20 Seahawks, 13:44, 4th quarter

The Niners are offsides and Wilson has a free play so he takes a shot at the endzone - and he's got a man - it's Kearse! Wilson's 35-yard strike on 4th & long puts Seattle up!!

49ers 17-13 Seahawks, 14:07, 4th quarter

Seattle are disorganized - I don't know what happened there but they had to burn one of their three timeouts, which is not good. 

Now Wilson and company are coming out to try to get a first down on 4th & 7. 

That's messy. 

49ers 17-13 Seahawks, 14:07, 4th quarter

So here we are - the final quarter with a spot in Super Bowl XLVIII on the line - some reasonably high stakes for sure. 

Miller makes a catch for 15 yards and that puts them at the 35-yard line - here comes Hauschka to have a crack at a 53-yard kick, which he has done this year once before. 


49ers 17-13 Seahawks, end of 3rd quarter

On third down, Lynch powers through for the first down. 

After a stop, this is a key drive to take legitimate momentum here. 

Wilson goes deep - very very deep! Whitner makes a good play to deny Kearse who actually did have some separation there. 

Baldwin comes back with a reception on the near sideline - it's a 13 yard gain and a first down. They're at the San Francisco 34 after Lynch runs for a gain of four yards. 

On the last play of the quarter - Wilson faces heavy pressure - he's out of the pocket and way behind the line of scrimmage when he passes but the throw doesn't get back to that line of scrimmage - that means it's 3rd down and 25 at the Seahawks 47 after the intentional grounding flag!

A loss of 19 yards puts them out of field goal range for now. 

49ers 17-13 Seahawks, 2:47, 3rd quarter

Andy Lee is hit as he kicks and it's a five yard penalty rather than the personal foul you would get for crushing the punter.

It's declined and Seattle take over at their own 38. 

49ers 17-13 Seahawks, 2:49, 3rd quarter

It's nothing but offense in Seattle in the second half - who will stop the leaks first? 

On second down Kam Chancellor just pops Vernon Davis, who naturally can't hold on. What a hit - and clean. It's 3rd & 10, Kaepernick is being chased right and he throws it away. 

Seattle get the ball back after solid defensive play on the line and in the secondary. 

You can't thread the needle any better than San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick did in finding Anquan Boldin in the endzone for a third quarter touchdown.
You can't thread the needle any better than San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick did in finding Anquan Boldin in the endzone for a third quarter touchdown. Photograph: Kyle Terada/USA Today Sports

FIELD GOAL! 49ers 17-13 Seahawks 3:55 3rd quarter

It's straight down the middle as Seattle make it a four point game. You've got to have more after a return like that if you're the Seahawks. 

49ers 17-10 Seahawks 3:59 3rd quarter

San Francisco throw the kitchen sink at Wilson and he throws it away. Great pressure by the 49ers who hold after the big Baldwin return. Now It's a 40-yard field goal attempt by Hauschka. 

49ers 17-10 Seahawks 4:16 3rd quarter

A false start makes it 3rd & 12 at the 21. 

49ers 17-10 Seahawks 5:05 3rd quarter

Lynch goes nowhere on 2nd & 6 setting up a 3rd & long at the 16-yard line. Big play coming up. 

49ers 17-10 Seahawks, 6:01, 3rd quarter

It is wide open out there! Baldwin runs for 69 yards on the kickoff! 

What happened?

Seahawks start on the Niners 33. 


TOUCHDOWN! 49ers 17-10 Seahawks, 6:29, 3rd quarter

After SF recovers a Kaepernick fumble, the SF QB makes an absolutely tremendous play! He jumps and then fires deep over the middle and somehow finds Boldin - it's just beyond the fingers of Thomas who had a beat on it in the end zone! That is a spectacular bang-bang play that puts San Francisco right back on top of Seattle. 

I guess the offensive adjustments for both teams are working because it is a very different game here in the second half! 


49ers 10-10 Seahawks 7:21 3rd quarter

So how will San Francisco react to that momentum shift? They have a first down on this drive, and there's more - a perfect route by Crabtree through the middle results in a 22-yard gain before Kaepernick is on the run again! 

He runs left and benefits from a good block by Crabtree who is doing it all on this drive. Ball is inside the Seattle 30 after back-to-back gains of 22 yards. 


Thomas Quinn (@thomaspquinn)

I think his helmet will protect him somewhat

It's worth mentioning that FOX tells us that's the longest run against the 49ers since Jim Harbaugh became coach. What a run! 

TOUCHDOWN! 49ers 10-10 Seahawks 9:51 3rd quarter

Marshawn Lynch is through the line and has room - he makes a little kick while bouncing off his man and bursts to the right and all the way to the endzone! It's a 40-yard touchdown for Seattle who have tied this game on their first possession of the second half! 

49ers 10-3 Seahawks 10:00 3rd quarter

Baldwin has a little catch on the near sideline and close to a first down. It's 3rd & 1. 

49ers 10-3 Seahawks 11:25 3rd quarter

That's a very different Marshawn Lynch who has room and makes the most of it. An 11-yard gain up the middle is his best of the day. Seattle across midfield. 

49ers 10-3 Seahawks 12:06 3rd quarter

Maxwell doesn't seem too bad on the sideline but we'll get more definitive news soon. 

Gore is hit for a loss of six yards after issues with the handoff, one that could have easily resulted in a turnover had the SF running back not hung on. Then Kaepernick is on the move but contained as he throws incomplete towards Gore on the far sideline.

The Niners punt and Seattle will take over on their own 40 - good field position - let's see what they can do with it. 


Michael Aston:

Boldin has to wake up…

Just one catch for six yards so far but hey, the Seahawks can play defense in their backfield, this we know. 

49ers 10-3 Seahawks 13:37 3rd quarter

It's 3rd & 5 - Kaepernick has space and time, moving to his left and firing complete to Crabtree over the middle! That's a first down up to the SF 38 after a gain of 12. 

Byron Maxwell is down - for Seattle to lose their super dependable corner here would be a tough blow to absorb. We'll see how bad it is. 

We're back

San Francisco start at their 21 after LaMichael James runs the kickoff back for 24 yards. It's good to see James back after taking an enormous hit earlier in the game. 


The crowd

Like the cold of Green Bay, the crowd have not been a factor in this NFC Championship, and I don't expect it will be. 

You don't get to become the type of team that San Francisco are by getting thrown off your game by hokey gimmicks. 

Paul Hanna (@paul4july)

Is this an O-Line problem or great downfield coverage? Seatle need adjustments at HT

There's been times that Wilson has been hit because the coverage has been great downfield, and there's been plays where San Francisco have just asserted themselves with dominant linebacker play. So a bit of both I'd say. 


Where would San Francisco be without Kaepernick? Right where the Seahawks are with Russell Wilson. He's been the difference, nobody can argue that. Wilson is 8/12 for 112 yards passing, and it's kind of amazing he even has that kind of yardage until you consider that 51 of those came on one single play. He needs more time - Wilson has been sacked four times and unless he gets it, the Seahawks won't be flying to NYC. Right now it's SF's appear to have some sort of control- but having said that, they should have a bit more of a cushion that the seven points they're up. 

49ers 10-3 Seahawks end of 2nd quarter

Kaepernick kneels and that will do it for the first half, one mostly dominated by defense with the exception of SF's #7 running all over the field for 98 yards.

49ers 10-3 Seahawks 0:20 2nd quarter

Wilson fires incomplete - but there's a flag!

What does it mean?

The officials don't even know, they're huddling. 

OK, they say it's a personal foul, one that took place after the play is over, so that means that SF still get the ball back. It was a real chippy call on Rogers who pushed Golden Tate close to the sideline, total ticky-tack call. 

49ers 10-3 Seahawks 0:27 2nd quarter

Whoa! Wilson is in all kinds of trouble, running the wrong way, way way back there - he's desperate and flips it to Miller who catches and runs to the 38 - short of the first down, but it salvages the play. It's just a two yard gain meaning it would be a 55-yard FG attempt. 

No thanks say Carroll. They go for it - 4th & 6. Hawks call time to talk it over. 

49ers 10-3 Seahawks 1:07 2nd quarter

Baldwin is back and has it at the Niners 42 - that's right at first down territory and a huge play there that keeps the Seattle drive alive. 

Now Wilson is on the run and he takes off towards the near sideline for a tiny gain but he has not had an impact on the ground.

And speaking of impact on the ground, that's Wilson on the turf! He's sacked for a loss of a yard by Aldon Smith! Another big 3rd and long coming up. 

49ers 10-3 Seahawks 2:00 2nd quarter

A false start flag backs up Seattle and makes it 3rd & 8 after Jermaine Kearse jumped. Bad timing. Carroll can't believe it. 

Matthew Wheeler (@Matt_Wheel)

under 25s wondering who the Chilli's are, over 25s wondering who Bruno Mars is.

This is fair comment. 

49ers 10-3 Seahawks 2:00 2nd quarter

Seattle and San Francisco have all of their timeouts, just an FYI there.

Marshawn Lynch is finally finding a smidge of daylight - he earns a first down on three straight carries but he has just 33 yards. 

Those gains include a burst for six yards that sets up a 3rd & 3 at the Niners 46-yard line as we hit the two minute warning. 

Steve Busfield (@Busfield)

Great NFL playoff on but top trend on Twitter? "Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers" Disgruntlement over Super Bowl show

Yes. If the Peppers were announced first, with Mars as the side act they could have garnered a just a little more sympathy perhaps. 

49ers 10-3 Seahawks 4:02 2nd quarter

The Seahawks finally wrap up Kaepernick on a play that also includes a holding penalty on the offense - Michael Bennett's grab means they have a big 3rd & 12 coming up. 

Kaepernick finds Crabrtree but he's well short of the first down. Crabtree loses the ball on the play but the refs call forward progress, and that means Seattle will get the ball back - Andy Lee's 42-yard puts the Seahawks on their own 37. 

That was a big defensive stop, as the crowd begin to reach noise levels heard before the Niners took the starch out of them. 



Seattle wide receiver Doug Baldwin is questionable to return after getting injured on that huge 51-yard reception - it's his hip. Meanwhile, SF guard Mike Iupati is also questionable with a bad ankle - he was hurt on the fourth down scoring play for the 49ers. 

FIELD GOAL! 49ers 10-3 Seahawks 5:47 2nd quarter

...not breaking. San Francisco's defense re-establishes it's dominance after that blip, albeit a big blip, one that leads to a field goal. Steve Hauschka is good from 32 yards out. 

Seahawks on the board. 

49ers 10-0 Seahawks 6:34 2nd quarter

Wilson is sacked! Then Lynch tries to break outside and gets nowhere. It's 3rd & 13. 49ers are bending but...

49ers 10-0 Seahawks 7:13 2nd quarter

Wilson is moving to his right, then back towards the middle of the field, lot's of time here but here comes the rush - he's hit as he LAUNCHES IT DOWNFIELD AND COMPLETE! It's Baldwin who is there waiting and open to make a 51-yard reception to the Niners 11-yard line. 

Baldwin is hit as he runs for the sideline and is shaken up - regardless, a crucial reception, by far the most important play of the game so far for the Seahawks. 

49ers 10-0 Seahawks 8:03 2nd quarter

Golden Tate hauls in a badly needed first down catch on the near side on 3rd & 4. They move up to their 38. 

Still, San Francisco's defense looks locked in. The pressure is ratcheting up on Wilson now. 


CK…just WOW 

-Michael Aston

KICK IS UP... 49ers 10-0 Seahawks 10:03 2nd quarter

...and it's good. The kickoff is taken to the Seattle 24-yard line by Baldwin. 

This is a big drive coming up here for Russell Wilson and his Seahawks. 

TOUCHDOWN! 49ers 9-0 Seahawks 10:03 2nd quarter

Anthony Dixon takes to the skies, flying up and over the linemen and onto pay-turf! 

Injury timeout - Mike Iupati is down for the Niners. 


TOUCHDOWN REVERSED! 49ers 3-0 Seahawks 10:13 2nd quarter

Gore's forearm came down before he crossed into the end zone! That means it's 4th & 1 from the fake one-foot line. 

San Francisco are going for it!

PLAY UNDER REVIEW! 49ers 3-0 Seahawks 10:13 2nd quarter

Three straight runs eventually power Gore into the end zone...or did it...

It was called a touchdown but all scoring plays are reviewed and that's what's happening right now. 


49ers 3-0 Seahawks 10:23 2nd quarter

There's absolutely no room for Gore who hasn't gotten it going yet, but Kaepernick finds space up the middle and takes off! That's 12 yards and a first down!

But wait, there's more...

Kaepernick is off again, and this time rips off an enormous gain while scrambling to his right - and by huge I mean 58 yards down to the Seattle 10! That's over 100 yards already for the Niners QB!


49ers 3-0 Seahawks 14:04 2nd quarter

On 3rd & 9, Kaepernick is on the run and is hit as he throws incomplete - but Sherman gets done for holding, and that means an automatic first down. For SF - that is a huge flag there - 49ers keep the ball. 


Mike Ford writes:

This 12th man seems like a double-edged sword at the moment, Wilson seems to be feeling the pressure and acting nervously- not his usual self at home

Interesting theory, but the Niners are also playing very well on defense as always. Still, certainly valid, and that pressure could be playing into it. 

49ers 3-0 Seahawks 14:49 2nd quarter

Back to field the punt, LaMichael James is completely wrecked by Seattle's Ricardo Lockette. He can't hold on, but Darryl Morris is there to recover it for San Francisco, who are fortunate to keep possession there. They'll begin on their own 14-yard line. 

James is shaken up on the play, which is no surprise - he actually lost his helmet on the play. 

49ers 3-0 Seahawks end of 1st quarter

Across midfield and Seattle on the move until Wilson is TAKEN DOWN on 3rd & 9! NaVorro Bowman has the sack that stalls what seemed like a promising drive, and the first quarter ends on a down note for the Seahawks. 

Right now you've got to say the Niners have done more than pass an early test, taking a turnover, getting some points on the board, and showing they can function in an extremely hostile environment. 


49ers 3-0 Seahawks 2:38 1st quarter

Wilson has a fresh set of downs on the 11-yard line and Wilson goes deep down the right sideline but he's overthrown Jermaine Kearse. After Lynch wiggles for three yards, Seattle face a 3rd & the shotgun, Wilson takes off before sending a floater downfield that barley escapes the fingers of Eric Reid - instead, it falls safely into the hands of Doug Baldwin for 22 yards. A bit of fortune there, and there's some more.

Russell Wilson is opening it up, hitting Luke Wilson, who has it, until Donte Whinter comes across the field and hits him with his shoulder pads and knocks the ball loose - the refs call it an illegal hit, which it's not, but regardless, it moves Seattle to their 45-yard line. 

49ers 3-0 Seahawks 4:38 1st quarter

Lynch has daylight, bursting through for seven yards. SF's Aldon Smith was offsides, and coach Carroll takes the penalty, meaning it will be 1st & 5 from their own six-yard line. Some breathing room for Seattle. 

49ers 3-0 Seahawks 5:43 1st quarter

Kaepernick is trying to draw off Seattle's linemen but instead it's his 49ers that are penalized for a false start. They'll kick it away...

Andy Lee punts it down to the one-yard line! Can't do much better than that - a 45-yard kick that will put a lot of pressure on Russell Wilson as they try to dig themselves out of trouble deep in their own territory. 

49ers 3-0 Seahawks 6:18 1st quarter

More from Kaepernick, this time for eight yards up the middle. Big third & 3 here - Kaepernick takes another shot at it but is stuffed running to his right! 

Will they go for it on 4th down? They're in that part of the field where they get away with it. Do they get away with it? 

49ers 3-0 Seahawks 8:00 1st quarter

Who receives the 49ers first pass? Michael Crabtree? Vernon Davis? Anquan Boldin? Nope, it's a rookie tight end, Vance McDonald. Then Kaepernick is on his horse, finding room to the near side for 17 yards! So that gets his wheels moving. 

SF are at midfield. 

49ers 3-0 Seahawks 10:40, 1st quarter

Wilson does not fumble on his second play from scrimmage, but he does hit Zach Miller, the tight end, for eight yards. But Marshawn Lynch is stopped trying to bull himself towards a first down, not once, but twice, and they have to punt! 

Niners make a really important statement here early, and yes, that does dull the noise from the Seattle's supersonic seats, somewhat. 

San Francisco will start at their 19 after LaMichael's fair catch, and a 10-yard holding penalty on the 49ers Michael Wilhoite. 


FIELD GOAL! 49ers 3-0 Seahawks 12:45, 1st quarter

You know when your first two game entries are orange, there's action. 

San Francisco's turnover on the first play from scrimmage gives them the ball on the Seahawks 15-yard line, but they can't get it into the end zone. Phil Dawson kick a 25-yard field goal after Seattle's D's hold Kaepernick and company to eight yards on the drive. Somewhat of a moral victory I suppose - the 49ers really need to cash in there with seven. Still, they'll take it. 

TURNOVER! 49ers 0-0 Seahawks 14:48, 1st quarter

Russell Wilson on a play action fake moves to his left, but Aldon Smith gets a hand on the exposed pigskin and knocks it free! 49ers have it, an early turnover! 

This does nothing to silence the crowd. 



Decibels are up as high as 108 decibels as the "12th man flag" is raised in Seattle. That is loud. I live next to the Brooklyn Queens Expressway, one with a lot of fast moving trucks, and that's about 75 decibels. 

Never mind that, we're off!


From one Hunter to his namesake...

Hunter Felt (@HunterFelt)

I'm going with the Seattle Seahawks winning. With the difference being a safety because why not? So 33-31 Seattle.


Jacob Murray-White says:

You have reminded me of one of the great Hunter Thompson quotes, and reinforced my hopes for the Niners today: “A week earlier I'd been locked into the idea that the Redskins would win easily — but when Nixon came out for them and George Allen began televising his prayer meetings I decided that any team with both God and Nixon on their side was fucked from the start.”

Art imitating life?

A commercial campaign here in the US that won't go away....did they get it right